I Hate Monday Because I Work For The Man

By | December 17, 2013
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GarfieldI hate Monday , because I work for the man . Have you ever said something similar?  Who the hell is the man ? To me  the man is being in any situation that you don’t like . If it’s a job , that job is the man . If it’s your boss , the boss is the man. I don’t know about you , but  life is way to short to be doing things that you don’t want to doing.

Spending all weekend having a good time ,only to come back home  preparing for work on  Monday. I know you hate that ! Can you imagine   what it would feel like  to work 4 hours a day, and have the rest of your time to yourself ?   Could you  imagine finally being able to travel and explore the  world and all that it has to offer  ?

It’s time to break free , it’s time to stand up and to be amongst the people who don’t dream, but make their dreams a reality.

It’s time for you to join us .

No more dreading Sunday’s , because you have to prepare for Monday. It’s time for you to feel the complete rest and relax that comes from total freedom.

Break out of the habit of doing things that you don’t want to do.

I   love my freedom so much that I rather be broke then to spend my time getting money doing something I don’t want to do .

You don’t want to waste  anymore of your  time and life  doing things you hate . A lot of people never come to realize that you cannot get more time  ..The are so busy in life they don’t see life passing them by ..

When are you going to stop making  excuses not to move forward in  life ? It’s a shame when you see older people  that should be enjoying free time to  travel and relax , having to work as a Walmart greeter.

This wi Strugglell not be you , because I know you are ready to take action .

Old age or death comes quicker than most people think . IT TIME TO ACT NOW ! Let come what may , but let death find you happy and reaching your goals in life.

Take action now and see yourself in a better future , see yourself living the life you are meant to live.

Stop pretending with your fake smile at work that you are happy to be there, when inside you are cussing everyone out .

Don’t fool yourself any longer  , and you know, you are the easiest person to fool. Bring your spirit and you love back to life with starting your own home based business . You will never have to dread  Monday’s again . Wake up every morning wondering what new successes a wait you .

Work is required by not the kind of , ” I hate my job kind of work .” But the kind of work that gives you a real sense of creative spake to life.

Creating is the best feeling in the world , click on the link to create your own life with freedom as the goal.



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To your success

Anthony Williams



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