Who is Myjobkiller ?

About the Founder

Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. Tell someone else your own story so they, too, can see what is possible in the world. Here you will hear my story, but it's less about me and more about you and the story that you create. I really hope we get to know each other through this site.

Your Story is connected to mine.

Hi, My name is Anthony Williams, and I started my online journey back in 2008 while working at the airport doing a job that I didn’t like and counting the hours waiting for the nightmare to be over to go home.

Time seems to drag on when you hate what you do for a living. Back then, I thought of every possible way to make extra money without needing a lot of money to get me started.

I was already a full-time entrepreneur when I was 17 years old, doing real estate investing with my dad, getting a taste of freedom, and large amounts of money at one time.

Late one night, while watching tv, I notice a tv commercial talking about making extra money selling things online.

I called the 1800 number and got the free information, only to be disappointed a week later with a sales letter from a marketer wanting to up sale me into a 5000 dollar program.

This guy went on and on about how you can make money online but never got around to the basics of making money online.

I was so disappointed; I knew I could make money online. I needed to see the how-to.
I spent the next few years trying to find the holy grail of how to make money online. Never making serious money to replace my income, but spending butt loads of money trying to make it happen.

Then in a moment of frustration and confusion, I remembered something that my mom would often say, ” God blesses the child that has his own. This site and exist because of those wise words from my mom.

I have learned so many lessons and overcome many setbacks while developing myself into a bonafide online entrepreneur.
Now I want to share the lessons and the mistakes I have learned on my journey. I want to give the quickest and easiest way you can follow to create economic freedom for yourself and your family.

Hearing my story is the beginning of yours. I share my account only to see what is possible and start to dream about what is possible once you have the right direction and guides. Make sure to click the link below to get a free mini-class.