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Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Future: Create Real Change

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Don't Let Your Past Define Your Future

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our past. We often define ourselves and our situations based on things that have happened to us in the past – even if we don’t do this consciously. But the truth is, we can change any situation in life if we have the right tools and mindset. This article will discuss how you can break free from your past and start creating a brighter future for yourself.

The Mind Is a Great Tool and Can Also Be One of Our Worst Enemies

One of the craziest things about life is that we have a vast amount of potential, and at the same time, we have the power to don't let your past define your futureturn all of that potential against ourselves and the ones we love.The mind is a great tool and can also be one of our worst enemies; because of the ability of the mind to remember a vast amount of information and store it outside of our conscious awareness, we form unconscious habits. The way we walk, the way we talk, how we think, and why we think the way that we do is all under the control of these unconscious habits that we have.

In a way, our past does 200 percent control everything we do,think and experience in life. So telling someone to get over their past is counterintuitive to how the mind really works.To get over something, you have to know that thing you are trying to get over in detail. You have to bring your consciousness to an acute awareness of your past.Everything else is just a band-aid to actual change.Everything I am saying is very ancient, yet it holds so much power and the ability to change a person at the core of our being.

Don’t Run From Your Past, Beat The Shit Out Of It With Awareness

The first step is always the hardest but also the most rewarding. It requires that you face the past with the pain, hurt, and trauma that you have experienced in your life. But by doing this, you are also taking away those events’ power over you. You are no longer a victim of those events in your life.

One of the hardest things for people is to be by themselves and the state of their minds. In this writing, I am not offering an Don't Run From Your Past, Beat The Shit Out Of It With Awarenesseasy 10-minute cure to overcome your habits or past. The stories you have been telling yourself and the ways of thinking and acting did not happen in just 10 minutes and will not take long to fix. Things are the way they are in your life, and mine is because of our minds and the way we use them. It takes effort and straight willpower to overcome and free yourself and me from our past that we don’t like or get in the way of living our best life.

I will make a statement that may sound strange if you have not done a lot of meditation or self-awareness practices. You are not your mind; you are the one aware of the mind. The first step in changing any situation in your life is to become acutely aware of how your mind works and what it does.The second step is making minor changes to your thinking and actions. These small changes will lead to bigger changes. There is a saying that I like, ” Small hinges, swing big doors.”

Insight Mediation The Small Hinge That Swing A Big Ass Door

For the last few months, I have been learning insight mediation, where you note everything you think and do. It’s not taken literal notes, but mental notes of your actives. For example, if I am thinking a thought, I note that thought is thinking, thinking, thinking. You may be asking, What does this do?We are so used to thinking that our thoughts and feelings daily are us, but using this tool with all my senses and my mind processes, I can create a space to observe my actions and thought processes.

Space for change is needed. If you hold a piece of paper with a few words written on it very close to your face, you will not be able to see the words on the paper. It’s the same thing when trying to change our mental habits. We have to create that space and separation to be able to observe our subconsciousness.Being able to create change is not only about doing something every day until you get good at it, but it is about becoming a different person from who you are now.

The One Law That Governs All Of Life On ALL Planets and Systems of Worlds

The future will be the result of your choice at this very moment. Sounds insane, right? The moment you act, think, or speak The One Law That Governs All Of Life On ALL Planets and Systems of Worldsaffects your environment and your subconscious. This law operates on every level of experience. In the east, they call this law Karma; in the west, we call this law causes and effect. This law governs our whole life; we can’t get away from it if we try. The same prevailing law is also the way to our freedom in life and from our past habits.

We can use this law to benefit or trap us in misery. The choice again is up to how us. NO one can give you all the answers to your life problems. No one can be your guru or master. I can write and point you in the right direction of change, but you have to find the answers to your questions and why to change. You have to learn how to master and control yourself.

A Journey You Have To Walk On Your Own

Change is a journey that calls out at the core of your being. If you don’t hear that call, you may not be at the point where you A Journey You Have To Walk On Your Ownwill take this information and start the process. It’s okay because everyone is at different levels of the journey; no level is better or worst than another, just another level of the same work.

You may be thinking, what was the point in me writing this if I didn’t give you an easy, quick-fix answer in one post. I did give you the answer; you may have to reread to understand. The white spaces between the lines are where the answers are.

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