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How To Become Successful In Anything You Do

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Question: How To Become Successful In Anything You Do? Answer: Everything follows principles and rules; learn them, and success is within reach.

Napoleon Hill’s definite of purpose has been the starting point of all achievements. To us who follow his principles and philosophy, we know it’s the secret sauce in life that brings results for any goal we may have.How To Become Successful In Anything You Do

Suppose you haven’t read and studied Napoleon Hill’s works. In that case, you are truly missing out on the source of wisdom that started the revolution of “What the mind can believe, it can achieve.”

After reading this page, you will feel that way too.”Without a vision, the people perish.”Does the quote sound familiar? Well, if you have never heard of it, it’s from the bible.


Despite the dogmas people interpret about the bible, I believe it holds powerful truths and principles interwoven into stories.

You ask why your vision or a major definite purpose is so important? Why is it the starting point of all achievements in life, financially, mentally, or spiritually? The answer lies in a sponge-like organ called the brain. We have two portions of our brains we need to discuss.

The one you use now to read this sentence is called the reasoning or conscious mind. Right now, you have another part of the mind ascribing meaning to every word or phrase, seeing if it relates, and scanning for conflicting views to reject.

This portion is called your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is like a genie in a bottle, giving you what you ask for in words, deeds, or thoughts.

How To Access The Subconscious Mind

A Genie

The subconscious mind gives you what you ask for, but it’s tricky. Okay, a lot tricky! Most people never take the time to work with this most significant power in the world.

Yes, I really meant “in the World !” The only problem is that most of us never figured out this part of our minds before we started feeding it crazy things.

All of the past crazy thoughts, TV programs, and video games stored in our subconscious minds make it difficult to navigate the changes we tell the mind we want.

Hence, it gives us the opposite of what we ask for. This part of the mind has stored everything we like, fear, and even our past habits, so when we say we want one thing, it can only give us what we have stored.

Blocking out whatever does not correspond with what is stored. So, in reality, it is giving us exactly what we are asking for, but it may be contrary to what we are saying.

How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

We need operation stealth mode on the mind. Anyone who has tried to change an old habit knows how difficult it can be.

We must form a major definite purpose and saturate this part of our minds with it. Reprogram the mindWe feel comfortable in our habits, and that feeling of comfort comes from the mind.

The saturation of the human mind is needed and is an essential process in reprogramming the mind for success. The reason will make real whatever is saturated and given emotion daily.

In the beginning, it will take great effort to change the direction of the mind because of the opposing forces working against us from our past.

Dr. Napoleon Hill called it Auto-suggestion.

“The medium for Influencing the subconscious mind.” Using auto-suggestion and visualization are powerful tools you could use to break old habits and imprint new ones. Repeat a statement repeatedly until the mind begins to believe it.

This brings me to another critical point we need to discuss. Your Thoughts! Your thoughts are the keys to the inner chambers of the subconscious mind. Not your rational thoughts but those that pop into your mind when you’re not using your logical mind. Suppose we begin to pay attention to these thoughts.

In that case, we can see and feel what is in our subconscious mind and start the process of changing and redirecting our thoughts onto our primary definite purpose. This skill takes time and effort on your part, but it is well worth the time and effort.

The Mind The Precursor To Success

The mind is a tool that we develop over countless ages, and in the beginning, it was in harmony with the rest of our senses in the body. Over time our environments and the situations in our environments changed, which caused the mind to become more and more external.

With the increased danger in our environments, this external perception caused a lack of harmony and an imbalance with the rest of the senses. As a result, the internal does not agree with the exterior, and the way we think and feel are out of harmony with everything else.

To be able to fix the underline problem, we have to take control of our own minds.This will not happen overnight, but I hope by you reading this blog post, you gain some wisdom you didn’t have before and you pick up more information to make a change in your life.


Putting It All Together

1. We need to pick a significant definite purpose. (This purpose should reach out to every area of your life)

2. Start to Reprogram your mind with your primary definite purpose. (Auto-suggestion)

3. Put your major definite purpose in action every day.


1. Question: How Do I Become Successful In Anything I Do?
Answer: Everything follows principles and rules; learn them, and success is within reach.

2. Question: Isn’t Success Relative?

Answer: Yes, no definition of success will be the same for everyone. But keep in mind that everything has its own laws and principles.

3. Question:  Why do people think success is about how much money you have? That is one area of success that people measure because it brings resources and comfort to people’s lives. But remember that money is not the only measure of a successful life.

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