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How To Build A Business Around My Passion

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How To Build A Business Around My PassionToday we are going to focus on how to build a niche website with your passion in mind. I hear it all the time; what products do I promote? What do I write about on my blog? How do I come up with new and fresh ideas for my website?

My answer is always the same, “What are you passionate about ?”

It doesn’t matter if you are building a business online our offline the rules remain the same, you have to have a passion around what you are building.

How To Turn Your Passion Into Money

Those with a passion for something never get tired of doing that thing. A person with a passion never runs out of words to communicate to their readers. A person with a passion helps more people to understand their niche more profoundly.

Many online say it’s too hard to promote your passion and make money.

How To Turn Your Passion Into Money

I’ve heard many people online telling others to just get into one of the most profitable niches online, and you’re bound to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Please understand me clearly here; there must be other people interested in what you are interested in too.

There are many problems with this line of thinking. First, how will we connect with our niche on a deeper level if we don’t know and don’t care to know about our niche?

Do you know what their problems are? Do you know what keeps them up at night? Remember this one thing if you don’t remember anything else in this blog post. Niche = real people. People like your mom, dad, and siblings. Real people. Not $$$$$ signs .

Here are some tell-tale signs to know if you’re in the wrong niche:

1. You don’t have the passion or intellectual wording to write a comprehensive blog post about the subjects you are communicating to your readers.

2. You get up in the mornings dreading to work on your business.

3. You only think about making money from your blog and not helping people.Wrong Way

4. You are distracted with other things than reading and bettering your understanding of your niche.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t become passionate about a niche you know nothing about.

Still, your website will become as cold as ice if you pick a niche to make money with no interest in what you are talking about.

 You will see those giant tumbleweeds blowing in the wind like in the wild-wild west movies.

Look at the picture of the woman playing the violin again.

 Does it look like she would have difficulty writing a blog post about her passion for playing the violin?

Do you think she would have a hard time connecting with her customers?

Look at the passion! It’s fire coming out of that instrument. If she wrote a blog post, do you think she could persuade a few undecided people on what tool is the best to communicate the melodies of music?

 Hell, I would want to learn.

What is Your Passion

how to turn your passion into money

What gets you excited? What could you talk about for hours? What job would you do even if you weren’t getting paid for it? Before you can build a successful website or blog, you must have the proper mindset.

You don’t want to make your foundation on sand.

In the book Starting With Why by Simon Sinek he writes, 

“When I first discovered the WHY, It came at a time in my life when I needed it. It wasn’t an academic or intellectual pursuit; I had fallen out of love with my work and found myself in a very dark place. There was nothing wrong with the quality of my work or my job, per se; it was the enjoyment I had for the work that I’d lost. By all superficial measurements, I should have been happy. I made a good living. I worked with great clients. The problem was, I didn’t feel it. I was no longer fulfilled by my work, and I needed to find a way to rekindle my passion. “


How To Find Passion In Life

How To Find Passion In Life

I believe we all had a burning passion when we were kids, and I think we still do, but as time went on, we lost it in our day-to-day routines of living. Teachers, parents, siblings, and peers all have contributed to the suppression of our true passion.

So how do we get back in touch with this fire in our bellies? The fire that wakes us up in the middle of the night with new ideas and concepts? I think the first steps we can take are:

1. Stop listening to so many people. Get back in touch with yourself and who you are. Operate from your own center.

2. Spend some time thinking about your childhood. Your childhood could hold some unbelievable keys to finding your passion. (Creative imagination could be an incredible tool for reviewing your childhood.)

3. Work on getting rid of your ego. (Learn new things)( The ego thinks it knows when it really doesn’t)

4. Keep a journal of your day. (Keeping a journal is a great way to reflect and scan your day to see what got you fired up and passionate throughout the day.)

How To Build A Business Around My Passion

When we all start out in business, we usually create a business where we think we can make money. Therefore, we often create something we get no joy or creative enjoyment from.

The world and many businesses are copying others and leaving no room for the fire of creativity to ignite the fires of passion.
Building a business around your passion takes creative fire that only you have inside of you.

No one has the same life experiences or way of seeing the world as you do.

Your advantages can come into play when you are building your own business.

The insights you can come up with are a gift to the world. Make sure to follow the four steps that were given above.


1. What if I don’t have any passions ?

Everyone on earth was born with a natural interest they gravitate towards when growing up.
Many people forget or bury their passions when young. Make sure to follow the four steps above.

2. Will my passions always make me money?

Not all the time, but with time you will find ways to benefit from your passions 

directly or indirectly.

3. What is the best way to ingnite my inborn passion?  

Get to know yourself better. Your heart is always calling for the things it wants to be filled by.

If your passions do not go against the laws of perfect harmony with yourself and others, develop them and let them speak in the still small voice to you.

If you are looking to build a business with your passion in mind , and want some help to do so , leave me a message on my profile here —–>

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