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How To Create A Mastermind Group

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I know you have heard the saying, ” Birds of a Feather Flock Together.” That is what comes to mind when I think about Napoleon Hill’s powerful principle of the mastermind group. Napoleon Hill’s mastermind principle, the Power of 12, all rolled up into one person.

Our minds attract the people and circumstances which correspond to our thoughts. Before I get into this principle, I will discuss this great analogy of the birds. When looking at nature, we find that a bluebird will be found around other bluebirds, and a red bird will be found around other red birds.

The Law That Attracts

It’s a law we can’t escape, even if we try to. Think of some example in your life to find the truth of this law, so when we are forming our mastermind partners, we will be aware that this law is in operation.

We will always gravitate toward the people and circumstances corresponding to our level of being. The Law That AttractsThe only way to be able to associate with better people is to become better yourself.

Take time right now to think about the people you are associated with at this time.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if the people you are now associated with are good potential candidates to form a mastermind.

1. Are these groups of friends helping you to become a better version of yourself?

2. Do these groups of friends have goals and plans they are reaching for in life?

3. Do these groups of friends respect themselves and others?

4. Can I trust this group of friends?

5. How do these groups of friends make me feel about myself?

6. Are these groups of friends working every day to be better?

7. Are these groups of friends constantly gathering new information about many topics?

If any of the questions had a no answer, you need to upgrade your group of friends to form a mastermind that will be in a perfect state of Harmony. You will need the right members in your mastermind to use this principle to its total capacity.

The Only Way To Double Your Powers

This principle gives Power to all the other tenets Dr. Hill researched.

The mastermind group principle is the only way you can double your efforts in achieving your primary definite purpose.

If you lack anything in life, this is the only principle that will give you the ability to overcome your disabilities. Knowledge, money, time, thinking Power, and any other lack that can be considered is no match for the principle of the mastermind alliance.

This is why you should choose the best quality of people to be a part of your mastermind alliance. Use the questions above to determine if they make the grade.

Now let’s dig deeper into what this mastermind alliance means to you and your success. Let start by defining what exactly is a mastermind alliance. Napoleon Hill describes it like this,

The mastermind is two or more people who work together in perfect Harmony.

At this point, I want to stress the word Harmony.

Harmony Defined :

1. Agreement in feeling or opinion; accord: live in Harmony.

2. A pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and Harmony of the universe. See Synonyms at proportion.

I like the second definition to bring this point to a more precise meaning—a pleasing combination of elements.

 A state of Perfect Harmony.

1. An understanding of the common objective. 

2. Mutual benefits of all parts involved. 

3. The revaluation of the main objectives until all parts are clear. 

4. A regular coming together. 

Many examples bring a state of Harmony, but that should cover the main points for this example.

The starting point in putting this mastermind principle in place is to start in your own family.

If you are married, you should form a mastermind with your partner.

Making Two Into One

If the two of you can come together on Hill’s philosophy that he shared in his book, Think and Grow Rich, you can improve and strengthen your relationship by having a philosophy that the two of you can agree on.

The good thing about Napoleon Hill’s principles is that they are universal laws that govern every aspect of human life.

Nature operates under this mastermind principle, and it’s always a good idea to act by the laws of nature that would bring success to your life.

If you need an example of nature operating by this law of the mastermind, think about how a tree and all of the elements have to come together in a state of Harmony to give the tree the potential to grow.

We must emulate nature in the same way when using this principle of the mastermind alliance. When your mastermind group has been formed, many advantages of a spiritual nature, financial nature, and mental soul are bound to affect every member of the mastermind group.

1. Your earning powers will increase. 

2. More ideas will flow naturally, and your creative powers will be significantly enhanced. 

3. Your income will double tenfold.

4. Different areas of your mind and consciousness will be activated that is now unused. 

As many areas of your life you manage, you should form a mastermind group. At least one other person that you respect and that has the results that you are looking to achieve in your life.


1. How can I start to use this principle of the mastermind today?

If you are married form a mastermind with your wife. If you have a parent , or love one that respects and values you

for a mastermin group eith them.

2. How many members can be in a mastermind ?

You can have how many member you want . Just make sure that they are all in perfect harmony.

3. What is the best way to choose a member of a master mind group ?

The best way to choose a member of a mastermind group is to first and formost to make sure there is perfect harmony among the members of the group. Make sure everyone has a goal and objective to reach within the group.

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